The American La France 1000 G.P.M. pumper-tanker was purchased in 1967 and 1972  saw the addition of an emergency truck. The pride of the Company was delivered September 1976.This was also an American La France diesel powered, automatic transmission with 1500 G.P.M. pump and 1000 gallon stainless steel booster tank. A Surplus 6 by 6 was acquired from Civil defense and converted in a Brush Fire truck in 1977.

Germantown Firemen are proud of their fire station and fire fighting equipment; the residents of the town have shown their appreciation of the excellent job performed by the fireman, by granting overwhelmingly their every request for new equipment.

Their equipment consisted of a 35 gallon chemical tank on two wheels which was pulled by the men. By some miracle, this apparatus has survived, and the chemical tank is displayed in the present meeting room and occasionally used at parades.

In 1916, a model T Ford, with two Chemical tanks, was purchased.   The first quarters for the infant Fire Company were located in the Odd Fellows lodge building, which still stands today. They remained there until 1917 when a firehouse was constructed on Main Street opposite the Central House Stables.

In 1923, the Village of Germantown suffered its worst loss when a fire started in the Grange Hall, spread in all directions, and left standing only the Central House General Store and the Rockefeller building. The Fire Commissioners decided the time had come to purchase a pumper truck. In 1925, a Sanford pumper was purchased. This pumper consisted of two chemical tanks and a 500 G.P.M pump. A Chevrolet truck was purchased with a front mount and a Chevrolet army surplus truck was acquired.

In 1955, a combination pumper-tanker was purchased with a three-stage 500 G.P.M. pump and high pressure Hose reels.

Germantown Firehouse Membership
Germantown Firehouse Membership
Germantown Firehouse Membership

This pumper as revamped in 1976 then served as a reel truck. A hydraulic operated hose reel carried 2000 feet of 4" hose and accessories. The next major change was the construction of the present firehouse in 1958. Consisting of four truck bays with meeting room and kitchen on the second floor.

A group of men in Germantown got together and decided the town had grown sufficiently to need its own fire department. As a result of this meeting, the Germantown Fire Company #1 was organized in September 1908 by six civic-minded men:

                           Isaac Rockefeller

                           William Lasher

                           Eugene DeWitt

                           Arthur Denegar

                           Charles Hover

                           George Brehawy


Germantown Fire Department
Germantown Fire Department
Germantown Firehouse Membership
Germantown Firehouse Membership

181 Main Street
Germantown, NY 12526


Germantown, NY 

1923 Fire

Combination Pumper-Tanker

35 gallon chemical tank dated 1908