Germantown Hose Company #1
Germantown, New York

181 Main Street
Germantown, NY 12526

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The Germantown Hose Company #1 is located approximately 100 miles north of New York City on the east banks of the hudson river. Our department provides fire protection for the Town of Germantown located in Columbia County, New York.  Our active volunteers are trained in fire suppression and ice and cold water rescue. Founded in 1908 our department operates out of one main fire station serving a mostly rural bedroom community of some 24 square miles. We also provide mutual aid assistance to several neighboring communities. Our department operates 2 engines, 1 engine/tanker, 1 heavy rescue truck, 1 light rescue/brush vehicle, 1 EMS van, 1 ice rescue/command van, 1  Zodiak inflatable rescue boat and 1 17' aluminum boat for water rescue in the Hudson River.

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Our Thoughts, Prayers and Hearts Go Out to Our Fallen Brothers.


Your Supreme Sacrifice Will Never Be Forgotten.